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  • Methods: Multiple Regression, Multiple Regression Inference, Regression Inference
  • Source: Crain, M. W., The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms,available at www.sba.gov/advocacy/7540/49291
  • Number of Cases: 24
  • Story:

    A study by the U.S. Small
    Business Administration used historical data to model the
    GDP per capita of 24 of the countries in the Organization
    for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD). The researchers hoped to show that more regulation leads to lower GDP/Capita. The multiple regression with all terms does have a significant P-value for Economic Regulation Index.
    However, Primary Education is not a significant predictor. If it is removed from the model, then OECD Regulation is no longer significant at .05. Was it added to the model just to judge the P-value of OECD regulation down to permit a publication that claimed an effect?
    Check to see whether you think there is such an effect.


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