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  • Methods: Conditional Distribution, Contingency Tables, Tables
  • Source: http://www.sleepandhypnosis.org/pdf/323031765.pdf“Sleeping Position, Dream Emotions, and Subjective Sleep Quality”, Mehmet Yucel Agargun, M.D., Murat Boysan, M.A., Lutfu Hanoglu, M.D.
  • Number of Cases: 63
  • Story:

    Researchers interviewed participants to find some who reliably fell asleep and awoke on one side and who could remember their dreams. They found 63 participants, of whom 41 were right-side sleepers and 22 slept on their left side. Then they interviewed them about their dreams. Of the 41 right-side sleepers, only 6 reported often having nightmares. But of the 22 left-side sleepers 9 reported nightmares. Is the difference significant?


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