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  • Methods: Confidence Intervals for Proportions, Sampling Distribution
  • Source: https://data.ny.gov/Transportation/Bridge-Conditions-NYS-Department-of-Transportation/wpyb-cjy8
  • Number of Cases: 17535
  • Story:

    New York State inspectors assess all bridges in the state every two years including a bridge’s individual parts. Bridges are analyzed for their capacity to carry vehicular loads. Inspectors are required to evaluate, assign a condition score, and document the condition of up to 47 structural elements, including rating 25 components of each span of a bridge, in addition to general components common to all bridges. Recently, the NYSDOT changed from recording bridge condition on a seven point scale (see New York State bridges 2016) to a Poor/OK scale, recorded here as Poor (Y/N) or Poor01 (1 = Poor; 0 = OK)

    How does the condition of the bridge relate to its age? Are there any outliers? Can you account for them by identifying them?


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