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  • Methods: Comparing Two Groups
  • Source: unknown
  • Number of Cases: 45
  • Story:

    Real estate agents want to set correctlythe price of a house that’s about to go on the real estate
    market. They must choose a price that strikes a balance
    between one that is so high that the house takes too long
    to sell and one that’s so low that not enough value will go
    to the homeowner. One appraisal method is the “Comparative
    Market Analysis” approach by which the market
    value of a house is based on recent sales of similar homes
    in the neighborhood. Because no two houses are exactly
    the same, appraisers have to adjust comparable homes for
    such features as extra square footage, bedrooms, fireplaces,
    upgrading, parking facilities, swimming pool, lot size, location,
    and so on. The appraised market values and the selling
    prices of 45 homes from the same region are given.


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