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  • Methods: Nonparametric Methods
  • Source: Coates JM, HerbertJ. PNAS 2008;105:6167–6172. Copyright © National Academy of Sciences. Reproduced by the permission of National Academy of Sciences.)
  • Number of Cases: 17
  • Story:

    Canadian researcher John Coates took saliva samples in
    the morning, twice a day for eight days, from 17 men working on a London
    mid-size trading f loor (trading a wide range of assets, with largest exposure to
    German interest rate futures), in June 2005, and classified each trader according
    to whether his testosterone level was high or low on that day (compared
    with the trader’s median over the period). High testosterone days differed from
    trader to trader, and high days differed from low days on average by 25% in
    testosterone level. He also recorded the profits or losses (P&L) in pounds sterling
    of each trader during 11 am–4 pm daily.


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