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  • Methods: Outliers, Re-expression, Regression, Residuals
  • Source: http://www.american.edu/spa/ccps/Data-Sets.cfm
  • Number of Cases: 67
  • Story:

    The outcome of the 2000 U.S. presidential election was determined in Florida amid much
    controversy. Even years later, historians continue to debate who really received the most
    votes. The main race was between George W. Bush and Al Gore, but two minor candidates
    played a significant role. To the political right of the major party candidates was Pat
    Buchanan, while to the political left was Ralph Nader. Generally, Nader earned more votes
    than Buchanan throughout the state. We would expect counties with larger vote totals to
    give more votes to each candidate. The dataset gives Buchanan’s and Nader’s vote totals by
    county in the state of Florida. Plot to identify the outlier and consider what it means.


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