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  • Methods: Multiple Regression
  • Source: https://www.broadwayleague.com/research/statistics-broadway-nyc/
  • Number of Cases: 33
  • Story:

    In 2016 13.27 million people attended a Broadway show, paying an average of more than $100 per ticket. The Broadway League, Inc. (https://www.broadwayleague.com/research/statistics-broadway-nyc/) provides some historical and current data. These variables are available for each year since the 1984-85 season:Season (The initial year of the season, so the 1984-85 season is 1984.)
    Gross ($M)
    Attendance (M) Note: before 2009 this is Paid Attendance. Beginning 2009 it is Attendance.)
    Playing weeks (Total weeks during each show performed summed over all shows; the best measure of Broadway’s overall activity.)


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