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  • Methods: Center, Confidence Intervals for Means, Confidence Intervals for Proportions, Data Display, Display Quantitative Variable, Hypothesis Tests, Hypothesis Tests for Means, Indicator Variables, Multiple Regression, Multiple Regression Inference, Normal Probability Plots, Normal model, Partial Regression Plots, R-squared, Regression, Regression Inference, Residuals, Sampling Distribution, Shape, Spread, Standard Deviation, Summaries, Tables
  • Source: BYU Human Performance Research Centerhttp://www.byu.edu/chhp/intro.html#lrc Director: Mark Ricard 116A RB, (801) 378-8958
  • Number of Cases: 250
  • Story:

    Measurements of 250 men of various ages. The percent of a man’s body that is fat is a matter of concern for health and fitness. But the %bodyfat is difficult and expensive to measure accurately. These data offer correct %bodyfat measurements along with a variety of easier to find measures. Can you build a model to predict the %bodyfat from other, more easily made, measurements?


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