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  • Methods: Multiple Regression, Hypothesis Tests for Means, Regression, Data Display, Hypothesis Tests, Normal Probability Plots, Tables, Confidence Intervals for Proportions, Confidence Intervals for Means
  • Source: BYU Human Performance Research Center http://www.byu.edu/chhp/intro.html#lrc Director: Mark Ricard 116A RB, (801) 378-8958
  • Number of Cases: 250
  • Story:

    Measurements of 250 men of various ages. The percent of a man’s body that is fat is a matter of concern for health and fitness. But the %bodyfat is difficult and expensive to measure accurately. These data offer correct %bodyfat measurements along with a variety of easier to find measures. Can you build a model to predict the %bodyfat from other, more easily made, measurements?


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