What is a Datafile?

In DASL, datafiles are linked to each story about that data. Some datafiles have more than one story. Also, the datafile will have a brief description of the data collection process and/or why the data was collected. This information will take on the format given below.

You can drill down through the links related to a datafile by clicking on them. These links take on a circular navigation in that you can come back to your datafile from a linked story. Also, you can download a tab delimited version of the data file by clicking on the arrow icon next to the data file name.

Data format:

  • Datafile Name: …
  • Datafile Subject: (e.g., Environment, Medical, Sports)
  • Story names: (corresponding story)
  • Reference: (data source)
  • Authorization: (describe copyright restrictions to the data, if any)
  • Description: (a description of the data: length, purpose of study)
  • Variable Names: (a list of the variable names and interpretations)
  • Data: (data as space- or tab-delimited text)